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May 23, 2008

How to Use Soft Drinks To Kill Mice and Rats

Do you have a problem with mice or rats and wish you could use any assortment of pesticide type products but are afraid of the risks to your children or pets? I have the answer for you! Soda Pop!!

Things You’ll Need:
Pepsi or Coke
Step1Mice and rats lack the ability to burp. You can use this to your advantage - and the demise of the rats and mice.
Step2Pour pepsi or coke into a shallow dish.
Step3Place dish near where the mice or rats are entering/exiting your home frequently.
Step4The rodents will drink the sweet soft drink and later, when they can't burp, they will die.

Tips & Warnings
Right next to walls usually works best for any type of bait or traps, as does under sinks, etc where they may like to hide out, or try underneath your stove.

If you don't care for this idea, maybe you could consider rescuing a cat from your local kill shelter. :)

As the carbonation only lasts just so long, you will need to keep that in mind and refill your dish accordingly. Try putting a new dish down each night before bed.

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