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May 22, 2008

How Can I Hide My Age

This is how:
. Apply moisturizer before foundation. Wait for ten minutes to allow the skin to absorb it.

. Cover flaws like pigmented patches with a foundation, or concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.
. Use a creamy foundation diluted with a drop of water for lighter and smoother coverage.
. While choosing foundations go for beige or golden tones avoid pinks.
. Avoid powders if your skin is dry, but apply a soft shade blusher on the cheekbones going outwards and slightly upwards.
. Go for the soft look while applying eye make-up. Avoid eyeliners, use eye shadow or eye pencil to line the upper lids. Draw a line close to the lashes.
. Avoid harsh black eye pencils, go for brown or grey shades instead.
. Mascara helps to brighten eyes. Use a brush to separate the lashes for a natural look.
. Redefine the lip line with a lip pencil and fill in with lipstick, using a lip brush.
. Very dark lip colours, especially blue tones have an aging effect. Very light colours are also a no-no. Go for burgundy, plum, coral, bronze, copper or coffee shades.

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Eric said...

Thanks for the post, there was some really useful tips in here.

Michael said...

thanks a lot for the tip.