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October 26, 2009

Decorate cookies for Halloween -Old Folks remedies

               Try these easy Halloween cookie tips for making cookie bats, cats, spiders, pumpkins and other favorites for your trick-or-treaters.
Decorated Halloween cookies are super for classroom parties, Halloween get-togethers, costume parties or even your own Halloween party menu.
Decorating Halloween Cookies: Super-Basic Trick or Treat Cookies
Before you can begin decorating your Halloween cookies, of course, you must bake them. You might choose to make fancy Halloween cut-out cookies in holiday shapes (such as bats, cats, pumpkins or other Halloween objects) or simple round ones.
For a phenomenally easy cheater's basic sugar cookie recipe, read "Sugar Cookie Recipes: The Simple and Super-Simple Way" in a new online window.

Before you begin decorating, be sure to bake your Halloween cookies thoroughly and allow them to cool completely.

Decorating Halloween Cookies: Basic Bats

The simplest round sugar cookies can become batty in a flash. The easiest way to decorate Halloween bat cookies is to create a basic bat stencil. Grab a sheet of plain clean paper. Fold it in half, and cut out a basic bat outline. Be sure to make arcs at the top.

Unsure how to create a bat shape? Look at free online clip-art bats at sites like Classroom Clip-art, Clip-Art Kaboose or Webweaver's Clip-Art. Download your choice of clip-art, resize it to fit your cookies and cut it out to make your stencil.

Halloween clip-art sites offer plenty of other designs, besides bat, so you can take your pick for stencil-making and Halloween cookie decorating.

Begin decorating your baked and cooled Halloween cookies by glazing them with a clear or white icing. Let cookies stand until glaze has nearly hardened.
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Susan said...

mmmmmm....cookies! I've never made any for Halloween and decorated them. I've always made decorated cookies for Christmas or Valentine's Day. Now it sounds like a good idea to make some bats. :) Take care and keep writing. Hope you'll visit my blog soon. luv ya, Susan

Liz said...

Thanks for the invite. I have added you already. You can check under My Links. :)

Have a great day!

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