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November 19, 2008

Cold Sores - Old Folks Remedies

A number of home remedies are great for healing cold sores. These treatments are quick, easy, and cheap and can help relieve the pain of a cold sore as well as help make it heal quicker... Pressing or rubbing ice on a sore is possibly the best-known home remedy for cold sores. There are several benefits to this remedy. If the ice is applied early in the development of the cold sore, it can slow down the metabolism of the area around the cold sore, greatly slowing its growth. It is good to hold the ice to the sore for a few minutes every ten minutes for a few hours. The ice will also make the sore smaller and keep the virus from moving or spreading.
Rubbing aloe, lemon balm extract, or tea bags to cold sores is also known to lessen their size and help reduce pain. Drinking less coffee is another home remedy for cold sores. It is believed that coffee can be a catalyst in the formation of cold sores. It is recommended that people who are susceptible to cold sores cut back on their coffee intake.
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artfiend said...

these old remedies are very hit and miss, i'll give it a shot though.