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November 21, 2008

Attention: Get in on this Money Making Deal
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You can start earning money right away! How much you make in the long term will depend on a number of factors including the popularity of your topic and writing. Generally speaking, the more steady readers the inbound links and you attract, the better. As you gain in popularity your earnings will increase. To get you started we guarantee you will earn at least $1.00 per daily post for at least 1 month. Your blog will be evaluated monthly and payments may be adjusted up or down depending on how well you are doing.
We cannot guarantee how much you will earn in the long term. Some VIP bloggers will end up doing very well whereas we may find that others are writing on topics that turn out to be not well-suited to monetization or don't gain in readers very quickly.
When you are just starting out your blog will have little content and no traffic so won't be earning much money, if any at all. But instead of making you wait for your blog to build traffic we start paying you right away! Many other sites will want you to work for nothing until your blog starts getting traffic and generating revenue. We also do all we can to get help your blog gain traffic and become profitable quickly.
- Are there any investment costs or out-of-pocket expenses?
Absolutely not! pays for all hosting, bandwidth, domain registrations fees, and software you need to blog.
- How often are payments sent?
Payments are sent monthly on the 10th of each month for writing you published the previous month. If the 10th falls on a weekend payments will be sent the following business day.
- How much must I earn before payment is sent?
You must accrue at least $50 for a payment to be sent. If you've earned less than $50 your earnings will be carried over to the following month until the minimum is reached.
- How are payments sent, do you pay via paypal?
All payments are sent via regular mail in the form of a check. At this time we are not set up to send payments via paypal.
- How often should I post?
You can post as often as you like. If you are being paid per daily post we pay for the first post of the day that is 100+ words. Writing more than one post a day certainly helps your blog, however, you will be paid according to the current terms associated with your account.
If you are unable to post for a while for any reason (e.g. vacation!) you can start posting when you are available again, or publish posts with a future timestamp. Posts published with a future date go live at the date and time you choose when publishing.
Back Dated Posts (posts published with a date in the past) are ineligible for payment.
-->- Can I use the Ad-sense widget, why isn't it working?
No - The Google Adsense Widget is disabled to all pay-per-post users.
- Who owns my writing?
Any posts that you create as a VIP blogger are the property of
- Do I have an editor?
As a VIP blogger you are primarily responsible for editing your own posts. Before you hit the publish button make sure you give your post a final review for spelling, grammar, and formatting. From time to time, a &mode=vip"> Editor may edit your posts or ask you to do edits, in order to keep posts within our quality guidelines.
- Do I have to use my real name on my blog?
It's up to you. Some prefer to use their real name while others prefer to use a pen name. Either way, we do need to know you real name for payment processing.
- Can I have more than 1 VIP blog?
At this time we are limiting bloggers to one VIP blog. In the future, we may allow bloggers to open more than one VIP blog at which time you will be notified. In the meantime, if you would like to start a free hosted blog for personal use just let us know and we will send you a private invite!
- What kind of ads will be on my site?
We sell advertising directly and use 3rd party advertising companies to automatically publish ads on your blog. In the beginning you may find that some ads are not very relevant to your topic. It can take up to a month of postings before the 3rd party advertising learns enough about your blog to start generating more appropriate ads. If you ever see an ad that is particularly offensive or inappropriate to your content let us know and we will see if it can be fixed.
- Can I put up my own affiliate codes, ads, or use PayPerPost?
No. Any posts that have personal affiliate, referral, or ad codes will automatically be rejected for payment. Advertising that isn't managed by makes it impossible to accurately optimize your blog and help you earn the most money possible. Any PayPerPost posts will be deleted. Our readers are looking for unique, compelling, and relevant content and generally speaking PayPerPost ads do not fit in with this model.
- How do I read my stats?
Your posts will be reviewed within 30 days by a editor. Posts which do not show up in your stats area have yet to be reviewed.
Once a post is reviewed it will be classified into the following categories:
PROBLEM POSTSThese posts have issues which prevent them from being paid.
Click the 'EDIT' link and modify the post, resolving the issue(s) listed..Click on this Link and get started making money ITS FREE http;// Be sure to leave commentsLilyruths"This and that friendly cottage" Pets welcomed. "Old folks remedies, to cure what ailes you.. find it here. You can leave your COMMENTS, your likes or dislikes,"this and that" Speak about anything is what this cottage is all about! Tell your friends. about "Lilyruths "And SUBSCRIBE to my Readers Feeds:

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