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September 28, 2008

Attention: I'm Back- Hurricane hit Houston Hard

Happy to say Im back online after close to three weeks without no lights or water its been hell. The Hurricane hit us here in Houston very hard, trees were down all over the place. On streets on the roofs of houses on the telephone poles and the streets well you could not get through some of them for all the trees on the roads and some of the streets near the freeways looked like lakes thats how bad they were flooded. I had not seen such a Hurricane like this in years and hope never to see one again. I was miserable without any light, all we had were candles or flashlights or lanterns and did I ever miss my computer and t.v. We all had to get water from places that were donating soldiers rations and bottled water and ice and you were lucky if you could get some ice. I used a small ice chest and kept a few sodas and lunch meat in the chest and luckkkkkkky I was able to find some bread before it was all sold out, also got a few bags of dog food.. If you wanted a Hot cup of coffee youd better have a barbeque grill or propane stove or some kind of burner you could use to heat up your water for your coffee. We also had a curfew put into place and youd better not be on the streets after dark or you go to jail this was because we had alot of looting all over the city. But today finally after three weeks its finally over a little while ago we got the lights back on Hellaluia I never realized how much I missed the lights and my computer and the t.v But now Im back and its back to DOGCENTS and you all know after a Hurricane like this bad one their are alot of abandoned dogs suffering who need food and shelter and medicines, I have several dogs of my own and they also are not eating like they used to because I cant afford it right now altho they are not starving. I asked spca and paws for help but they barely have enough food for the dogs they have so many dogs were left there or their owners left town because of the hurricane and their homes were destroyed or damaged and they can no longer afford to take care of their dogs which is real sad but many lost their homes and have no place to keep their dogs. I myself have sustained damages a tree fell through the front room and there is a huge hole in the roof that I hope someone will help me repair. Fema I hope will help me out. BUt it will only help with certain things and I need help in order to buy some food for the dogs and get them in some type of shelters, and get them some medicines they also need, especially one that has a huge knot right next to his pee pee and that is also swolln as big as a large hot dog I mean its so swollen it looks like a large sausage so come on people dont be so cold hearted please I ask you to please give me a helping hand to save these poor helpless dogs who cannot speak for themselves . I give all I can give but I cannot do it alone I need your help and support what else can I say to you all to help us out besides imagine and picture what it looks like after a bad Hurricane all the destruction, all the large old trees knocked down to the earth like if they were toothpicks and picture all these little dogs with dazed cold eyes wandering around scrouncing for scraps of food to eat trembling with cold and shiverimg with fear, lost alone, until I find them and bring as many as I can home and I try to find them a home but like I said I need your help you can make a difference . I need you to open your hearts up and to have compassion . Help me to be able to continue to help them. Thank you and God Bless you all. Lilyruth
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