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March 7, 2008

AUCTION For Domain Names bids start at

Im having this AUCTION to sell two DOMAIN names that I bought and am now selling.So if your interested in bidding on these two domains or one the minimum bid is 15.00dollars or paypal each, the auction will end MAy 17th at 9p.m. and I do hope you all who visit here will make a bid keep in mind that this is for a good cause. I do hope someone will start the Bid. thank you
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Seller: r_s_houston_us
Member Since: Feb 2008
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Domain Info The domain has about 11 months of registration time remaining. It does not include a website.


Richard Morgan said...

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caner said...

thanks for article

miracle fruit said...

15 what?

lilyruth said...

RIchard I do like to travel but with this illness I cannot but to the store and Doctor. Thanks for your comment and Rj thanks for stopping by and Caneryour welocme.. Miracle Fruit I meant $ 15.00 United states money Or Paypal. Want to make a BId?