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March 13, 2008

Old Folks Remedies-Prevent Hair Loss

Massage your scalp for a good 10 minutes in small circular motions using the tips of your fingers,never fingernails,I find that massage works to stimulate the much needed blood supply back to the scalp because it is the highest point for the blood to flow and blood breeds oxygen to the hair follicle-most hair loss is attributed to either not rinsing the shampoo thoroughly on the scalp leaving a residue and clogging the shaft with chemicals.

Never use hats or caps for extended periods of time-only in and out of the cold or use tube hats that keep the top of the head free and scalp breathing. Finally, only towel dry the hair with paper towels-yes and use the repeated small circular motions going to massage it dry--don't use a hair dryer as this contributes to dry scalp and flakes left on the scalp can again cause a residue that blocks the hair shaft and causes it to lose the hair in undue stress.
The towel use can cause friction that leads to negative ions and electrically charged hair that also causes undue stress. The paper towels builds up much volume. These are preventative therapy to keep the hair you already have and avoid losing any more.

Once a while use mayonnaise (eggs has protein hair needs) to soften the hair and beer (Hopps and alcohol rejuvenate the hair back to firmness it needs to be) keep it always washed free of any residue and always use water that is a bit tapped temperature(warm temp water but on the cooler side) and continue doing those little circle massages throughout the wash/dry cycles of the hair washing/setting.
Finally to regrow hair lost only put the halipino oil in the spots that require hair regrowth and massage it for a few minutes--followed by the mayonnaise and beer remedy in the spot that requires the hair (ie crown or forehead region)

To avoid flaky scalp use all of the above and rinse with apple cider vinegar to bring it under control=in the beginning this may cause the scalp to go greasy so you may have to do it every other day until the scalp shows no more signs of flakes.


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