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February 24, 2008

ThunderCats Sountrack Petiton

ThunderCats Soundtrack Petition
My Friend Clare has a petiton on her site and she needs your signatures so I hope you all will go and give her your support, I did. JUst click on the link and it will take you to the petition...The ThunderCats The Movie team have just signed an online petition and we ask you to do the same. The ThunderCats music was composed by Bernard Hoffer and is absolutely fantastic as you all know. A ThunderCats fan named Sonia has managed to get her hands on the complete music cues for the first 65 episodes of the show via Bernie himself and she’s been trying for the last 7-8 years to get Warner Bros to release an official ThunderCats soundtrack.

A petition has been set up to make this happen, please sign it here… ThunderCats Soundtrack Petition
Many thanks to you all. ThunderCats, hooooooooo!

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Clare said...

Thanks so much for this Lilyruth, what a star you are! :-)