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February 7, 2008

Baby found alive in Field after Tornado carried it away

Baby Found Alive in Field As Us Tornado Death Toll Rises to 55 A baby carried away by one of southern US tornadoes that killed at least 55 people has been found unscathed in a nearby field. The baby was covered with debris but otherwise he was in good health only shaken up. God works in mysterious ways. One neighbors house was demolished while just across the street the house was not even touched by the tornado. News


Kgirl said...

What a great story!
I favorited you on technorati :)
Let's exchange links.
Thanks :)

lilyruth said...

Yes lets exchange links and Im glad you enjoyed the story I hope yu will come back and visit soon. I visited your blog and I admire you for all the good work your doing. Keep up the good work.