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September 2, 2007

Michael Jackson Dies, body found by Housekeeper

No, not the self-proclaimed “King of Pop”…the OTHER Michael Jackson, the “Beer Hunter.”
Michael Jackson aka “the beer hunter” died Thursday at 65 in his home in west London. His body was discovered by the housekeeper.
This guy, who should have changed his name 40 years ago, became famous for his documentary series “The Beer Hunter”–hence, the nickname.
He’s also written books about beer and whiskey. Plus, dude’s been featured in magazines, newspapers, on TV talkshows for the past 30 years.
Bro was definitely accomplished in his own right. Rest in peace.
…………nothing but respect, but it still sucks his name was Michael Jackson.



I thought of Michael Jackson immediately,too. I shocked my husband when I first told him of Michael Jackson's he didn't hear me explaining that it wasn't THAT Michael Jackson when I first told him.

Michael said...

I was shocked to hear that he had died but as I read on Im glad it was not the Pop king because I hate to see him gop but Im happy his muusic will always live on for the next generations. Thats the good thing about music it never dies or grows old. Real shocking article but great.