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August 31, 2007

100 Year Old Lady Celebrates Birthday by Lighting Up her 170,000th Cigarette

Winnie Langley, who just turned 100 years old and has been smoking cigarettes since 1914, celebrated her birthday by lighting up her 170,000th cigarette.
1. I don’t know how she has figured out the number of 170,000, but I’m sure she forgot about a few cancer sticks she smoked after getting hammered off moonshine during Prohibition.
2. Now idiotic smokers are going to figure that smoking is good for you because one person beat the odds. Ugh. Source: news


jennifer said...

very funny. As an x smoker I do take a certain delight in this. Although of course I quit smoking because it is bad for your health. but i do feel like our society has gone gonzo on the anti-smoking thing. i always enjoy seeing people who are able to partake of cigerettes like responsible drinkers, one once in a while...

Smoker said...

I believe that not all people get cance its in the body gnes if yu get cancer just look at this old woman and also look t George Burns he was over 101 and he smoked cigars and he never had cancer as a matter of fact his doctor who kept teling him not to smoke because he was going to get cancer , the doctor did not smoke but he died way before George Burns so this should tell ou something. Good article.

Maher said...

wow i cant believe it how can she last this long

ILL_Natured_gr said...

I don't know how this story got passed me... Great one!!
Just curious:Did she counted the cigarettes she smoked one by one :)
Anyway,hope to beat her record!