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April 24, 2007


You may have come to a place in your life where you feel insecure. This is because of some maladjusment in your affairs. Turmoil and tenseness follow. You feel at odds with your friends and the world in general. Now if at such a time you give too mucnh attention to the discord--if you forget that there is an indestructible, changeless,universal harmony in spirit--then you only get more and more irritable and frustrated. How can you avoid being defeated by this depressed state of mind and the confusion that follows it? Well,one great thing you can do is to turn away from the appearane of things and center your attention on ideas of order,rhythm,balance,and try for a soul-satisfying peace of mind. It often helps to listen to good music. This has calmed many a troubled mind and brightened many a heavy heart. To consciously appreciate music brings one into close relationship with harmonious expression. Next time you feel on edge and in a chip-on-the shoulder mood, tune into the radio or play one of your favorite tunes. You may be surprised to see how much it will help you. Then as you listen to the music, do not forget to praise the wondrous miracle of musical composition and performance..

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Zubli Zainordin said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I dedicate this poem especially to a unique individual whose nature is an extension of her love for pets. The title is
"To Pet Not For A Pat".
into her home she welcomes more than one pet;
for without shelter in rain or snow they shiver wet;
with all the love her heart never hopes to get;
any reward praise flowers or any material set;
but surely money she has to earn yet;
for the basic needs of her special guests to be met;
so now she builds a blog shrining on the internet;
based on her sincere hope so there is no need to bet;
at MyBlogLog she begins to let; information sharing with networks spread like a net;
soon the number of friends add starts to rocket;
truly total success awaiting her speedier than a jet.
Especially dedicated to Lilyruth, by Zubli Zainordin.