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April 22, 2007

New territory

Today I spent most of sunday out in the garden planting some bulbs and cleaning up the garden. My ole man he put up a new wooden fence to keep the dpgs in and he made it himself it looks realy nice. Im glad we accomplished so much today> I like for it to look nice and when the flowers bloom it will look beautiful, and their aroma is so refreshing. I bet their are alot of gardeners out there on the net? Do you enjoy your garden as much as I do? It gives me a relaxing peaceful feeling when I look upon my garden at all those flowers.Let me change my thoughts back to My blog its still not finished, its still not what I want! I'm trying to explore new territory. My blog has a lot to do with taking down fences that I would not have crossed until now. So I will continue to explore.



Hi Lilyruth,

Nice blog, keep it up..:)

steven wilson said...

Gardening is medicine for the soul.It is one of the most relaxing hobbies one can have along with the beauty,and taste of homegrown non-pesticide food.
Steven Wilson