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April 26, 2007

Can we stop the Friction and confusion in our lives?

We all have experiences that bring friction into our life. We meet conditions or we associate with people who irritate us. But when we learn to think of personalities as a universal idea, an idea that can neither be destroyed, then the irritation ceases to annoy and upset us. The musicians in a great orchestra, in all probability annoy each other at many times and in many ways. But does that cause them to spoil a performance by not doing their best work? They cannot afford to let petty likes or dislikes separate them from the unisom which must come to the front when they play. Neither can we afford to live without a sense of harmony in all of our affairs. The problems we accept in our dailey lives are as devasting to happiness and progress as being out of tune is to a musical masterpiece. Sometimes we lose ourselves in confusion. We cannot see our way through to the right adjustments, the adjustment which we desire. So we begin to think that if it is impossible to change the conditions to our liking. When that is true, let us turn our thoughts to simple things in life that we enjoy, so that the friction may cease.

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