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April 28, 2007

Whimsical Duck Theme

I just got my Ducky Duck shower curtain and Im really enjoying it. Its so cute and it brightens up the whole bathroom. I"ll give this 5 ***** For all of you moms who have kids, I know your kids will love taking a bath they will jump into the bathtub just to look at Mr. Ducky Duck right there with them. Ducky Duck shower curtain comes in colors : Blue or green. Its 72 by 72 Go to the Amazon search bar and click onto Bed and Bath and look for Mr. Ducky Duck. Be sure to also buy the Croscill Fabric shower curtainliner, in white its better together. Take my word on it.. You and yur family are going to love it in your bathroom, its refreshing and its very durable, and long lasting. Go to AMAZON and see it for yourself they have a full picture of it there.

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