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June 20, 2010

They're Better Than the "Hair of the Dog that Bit You!"


So, you've had a few too many alcoholic drinks and you're feeling kind of woozy. That's because, once it's consumed, alcohol is quickly dispersed into a person's bloodstream. It then travels throughout the entire body. Drinking too much alcohol can cause slurred speech, blurry vision, difficulty in walking, slow reactions, impaired judgment, and many other side effects. Now, you need homemade cures for a hangover.

One of the most popular cures for a hangover is to drink hot, black, caffeinated coffee. The caffeine will actually help dull a pounding headache. It will also rev up your body and work with the alcohol to further dehydrate it. Instead of drinking black coffee for your hangover, try drinking a large glass of fruit juice instead. The sugar content in fruit juice will aid in your body's attempt to get rid of the alcohol. Fruit drinks also contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that will also do the same job.

Since alcohol actually dehydrates your body, one of the best homemade cures for a hangover is to simply drink plenty of water. Water will not, as it's believed, make you feel drunk again. Instead, water will rehydrate your body and help flush the alcohol and other toxins out of your system faster.

Some people recommend drinking Gatorade(TM) or Pedialyte(TM) instead of plain water. The Gatorade contains sodium which will help get your body hydrated again. Pedialyte contains electrolytes. Your body needs electrolytes in order to maintain cell impulses.

If your stomach can tolerate it, another of the most efficient homemade cures for a hangover is to eat a good, healthy meal. Lean steak, eggs, toast, and hash browns can help cure the typical hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, that drinking too much alcohol can cause. A good meal can also help replenish valuable vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Stay away from fatty or fried foods. They can easily upset your already-nauseated stomach. Not only that, but your liver is already trying to rid your body of the alcohol. It doesn't need fatty or fried foods to deal with on top of that. Source:  Kassidy Emmerson

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