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January 24, 2010

Vitamin E a Natural Aphrodisiac

                        I came across this on the internet that Vitamin E can be a natural Aphrodisiac . A woman who has a low libido, said it can go for months at a time. She found that taking vitamin e does a lot for the body. She heard its been called an aphrodisiac. So if you have a low libido, try it out- she was taking 400 IU capsules 3x a day. Sometimes she would take just 2 or one... See if it works for you. 

Also another lady wrote:: "Just wanted to report in about vitamin e after reading about it on your website as an aphrodisiac (sp?). I usually take vitamin e (400, natural e, not synthetic) when I start to feel pms strike. I don't feel I need it until then. The interesting thing is that if I take it 15 to 30 minutes before... you know, errrrrr.... love making with my hubby, I find that it takes me a very short time to reach orgasm. Usually at this point in my cycle (1 week before my period) I get a little numb down there. But when I take vitamin E, things are hot, hot, hot! Ladies, let your friends know -- it really does work!"

 Another Vitamin E user wrote: "I totally agree - Vit E does seem to be an aphrodisiac! I put a few drops in with a plastic spoon nightly, & after a while was aware that my vagina felt & smelt healthy for a change. Suddenly, after four & a half weeks, I had an unexpected surge of libido which has shown no signs of abating. I'm so happy to have got back what used to be a very important part of me & which after a 4 year 'drought' I had become convinced had gone for ever. Tell everyone about it! Especially women post menopause (like me), who think loss of erotic feeling is something they just have to get used to. Incidentally, I was already on a very good high Vit E diet"

Another Lady wrote:: "A nurse at my college health clinic told me about vitamin E for vaginal dryness. Let me tell you, it works wonders! I take 1 capsule 2x a day. I also think that it is a aphrodisiac. Well, maybe it's just me. Hope to hear back from other women about this!"
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