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May 20, 2009

Old Folks Tales

When it comes to old tales such as this-did it happen?Maybe it did; maybe it didn't. But one thing's for Certain! There are many different people in this world, that are capable of many different things;God planned it that way. Lets not forget that the bible's full of people that performed many great deeds called miracles;but were they miracles,or just perceived to be so?There was a time in history when people were hanged or burned at the stake for performing certain deeds; as in the Salem witch trials. And what about the deeds of Christ? Many thought him to be a demon or sorcerer,for which, contributed to his crucifixion.The fear of such people still exists in our so called modern day world. Many people are still strong believers in spell casting and have their ways to prevent it. One way is to rube a string in sulfur,tie a certain number of knots in the string and wear it around the waist for a certain number of days and no one can cast a spell upon you. A spell can be broken by the same means. I heard this from an old Afro American man, and I promised not to print all the details concerning this. Folk tales such as this has been told through many generations and cultures. How much truth there is in them is hard to say,but my belief is that there is some truth in all old folks tales.

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