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April 1, 2009

Octuplet mom interested in reality show

Octuplet mom interested in reality show
Nadya Suleman also tells In Touch she hates the name ‘octomom’

In Touch Weekly
“I felt like a stranger in my own home,” Suleman said of the volunteer nurses she eventually fired.

Nadya Suleman and six of her octuplets are photographed together for the first time on the cover of In Touch Weekly.

In the photo, Suleman appears surrounded by sleeping newborns Isaiah, Noah, Nariah, Maliah, Makai and Jeremiah.

The other two babies, Jonah and Josiah, remain in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Kaiser Permanante Medical Center in Bellflower, Calif.

“They just need a little more time to develop and grow and tolerate food,” hospital spokeswoman Beth Trombley told In Touch.

The accompanying piece details the conflict between Suleman, who has fought to raise all 14 of her children on her own, and the concerns of TV shrink Dr. Phil McGraw and attorney Gloria Allred.

“These babies should be placed in foster care,” Gloria Allred, an attorney for Angels in Waiting, which provided free nursing service to Nadya, tells In Touch. “There they would receive the individualized care that the babies need and deserve.”

Suleman admits in the magazine interview that her babies’ homecoming was a “total fiasco,” She had a “meltdown” and fired Angels in Waiting on March 22 after she accused them of spying on her.

“I felt like a stranger in my own home,” the 33-year-old single mom says. “I felt ostracized. I felt excluded. I felt as though every time I tried to hold the baby, feed the baby, they were waiting for me to make a mistake.”

Last week, Allred told TODAY that Suleman is more interested in cameras than the babies.

“There’s only a few hours beyond the time when the cameras were rolling that she actually came into the nursery when she was there to care for her babies, and that’s wrong,” Allred said on March 25.

According to the magazine, Suleman is interested in a reality show as soon as sons Jonah and Josiah leave the hospital.

The magazine quotes an insider who says a deal is in place for her to be filmed 24/7. “It’s about Nadya trying to raise 14 children while looking for love,” the insider explains.

One condition: no more calling her “octomom.” According to the magazine, Suleman hates the moniker, and has been assured it won’t be part of the reality series’ title.

The In Touch article also addresses questions about Suleman’s sanity. Some of her neighbors in La Habra, Calif., are convinced she needs psychiatric help. “I really can’t believe anyone can be that screwed up in the head,” Debra Collins tells the magazine.

Adds another neighbor, Gloria Beck, “The woman is completely nuts. She thinks she’s famous. She doesn’t know that people are laughing at her, that she’s a freak.”

The issue is available on newsstands April
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1 comment:

ozzieblackcat said...

Thanks for posting this. I saw a headline in the supermarket checkout lane but didn't have time to read about "octomom". I sure wish she would accept some help taking care of the babies.