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July 16, 2008

Natural Cures-To Remove Warts

Apple Cider Vinegar on cotton ball

Effectively removed very deep warts off the bottom of the foot. Every night I wet a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and used bandage tape to secure it to the foot. After a week the youngest warts began to turn black and fall off. It did take a long time for the really deep ones to finally totally die (about 13 weeks) but they are all gone. An excellent non toxic cure!

Banana skin!

Banana skin applied to a wart can work wonders.Here's how:

Wash and dry the wart and surrounding skin.

Cut a suitable-sized piece of unripe banana skin and put it on wart.

Fix it in place with a sticking plaster and leave it on for up to eight hours.

Remove,wash and repeat.

After a couple of weeks the wart should fall off.

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vivian said...


Annie said...

Banana Skin: Now that should be translated. lots of banana trees in the tropics.

Wart Treatment said...

That is very strange that banana skins kill the warts, I have never heard that before, but it seems like it could work, maybe the acids inside the skin of the banana works as a bacteria killer.

Wart Removal said...

Yes its actually been proven that banana skins do in fact kill the warts, werid isn't it?

BIllC said...

I'm using it on my daughters planter wart (virus?). She rubs the inside of the skin on it for a min. Then i scrape the inside of the skin and apply covering with some bandaids and tape. Been 2 weeks now and its looking very good. almost gone !

hpv warts said...

I got the HPV vaccination before the age of twenty six. I really had second thoughts about this for a long time. I just read a great deal about it and was horrified on discovering there's secondary effects. We can just pray to Our creator to guard us as medicine could save lives but it can also cripple us in some circumstances.