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July 19, 2008

Diaper Rash Natural Cures

How do I help prevent diaper rash? Always keep the diaper dry and clean no matter how short of a time you changed it before. If it is wet or soiled, it needs to be changed again. Change the diaper at least 10 or 12 times a day, but even more if needed. Use talc free and perfume free powder. This really isn't just for the problem of diaper rash, but a rule for all times. Powder with talc or perfumes, and even the cornstarch powder that was once so popular are not recommended to be used with babies. Even if you have chosen a medicated powder, you need to be sure it doesn't have talc. If you are not sure, ask the baby's doctor for a recommendation. How do I treat diaper rash if it is already present? To begin with, the same steps above apply here. Keep the diaper clean and dry. It is even more important if the rash has already started. Change the diaper as often as the baby wets or dirties it. Do NOT use baby wipes if you are dealing with diaper rash. A soft wash cloth with warm water should be your choice for cleaning the baby. If the diaper had been soiled you can use a little mild soap that you normally use for the baby. But I need more than water! Yes, there are things to do besides keeping the baby dry and clean when diaper rash has appeared to trouble you and the baby. One such thing is a cream that is specifically made to treat diaper rash. Be sure that the cream you choose contains zinc oxide. This ingredient will help to put a layer between a wet diaper and the baby's tender skin. One word of advice . . . Sometimes babies can get other outbreaks of things such as a yeast infection that may look like diaper rash. If the rash you are treating thinking that it is diaper rash does not respond to the ways you are treating it, take a moment and ask the baby's doctor about it. Chances are that it is just a stubborn diaper rash after all, but you will want to make certain. If you know how long diaper rash usually lasts and the things to expect with it, it will be much easier to make a decision about whether or not to call the doctor if the rash is not responding.

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