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May 16, 2008

Old Folks Remedies for Hangovers

One "old as the hills" suggestion to lessen the effects of hangovers is eating a large quantity of any member of the Cole family of vegetables (like cabbage) prepared in a acidic base before you start drinking. That's right. Old-fashioned cole slaw prepared with vinegar is claimed to prevent a hangover!

A night of heavy drinking tends to dehydrate one's body. The morning after, replenish water loss and possible electrolytes imbalances by drinking plenty of fluids, include something on the salty side like chicken soup, or canned tomato juice. Be careful if you have high blood pressure, kidney disease or if you must watch your sodium intake.

If you're already into heavy drinking, many swear by Chaparral a herb found in larger health food stores in capsule form. It is reported to help detoxify one's liver and is an old Indian remedy. The garden variety vitamin B in 50 mg tablets taken before you start drinking is said to help replenish it's loss from the body due to consumption of large amount of alcohol. If you already are suffering from the symptoms of a hangover and don't mind trying something that sounds totally ridiculous, try rubbing a cut lemon under each armpit. If you want to quit drinking try sucking on a whole clove. It's known to be effective in getting rid of the urge to consume alcoholic beverages.


Anonymous said...

Drew said...

Lemons under the armpits? Ha, I'll try it. :)

lilyruth said...

Drew try it you'll like it. SMILE thanks for your comment and get in the COntest...

Degree said...

Most hangovers are due to dehydration. You just need to make sure you keep adequetly hydrated whilst drinking and drink a couple of glasses of water afterwords and you should be fine.