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March 30, 2008

Only you can make yourself Thin

McKenna who only writes about Dieting ,McKenna isn’t about gimmicks. Read: no cutting out sugar, carbohydrates, or fat. In the debut episode he reveals the secrets of naturally thin people, and it’s not what you think. His rules implore you to eat when you are hungry and to eat what you want, but, yes, with this caveat: to savor the food and to eat slowly. He does this amazing demonstration that showcases just how slowly to eat. See, the brain takes a longer time than the stomach to realize it’s full. Meaning, we overeat because we think we are hungry. Eating more slowly mitigates this problem and helps you lose weight.

The mantra McKenna lives by is that dieting will slow down your metabolism. Only you can make yourself thin.


erp said...

someone told to me; instead of buying slimming product, u better dont eat - slim faster n save money. =P

fimo said...

i agree. Our brains is the one that control everything we do. I only do aerobics regularly and not taking any diet pills. It's healthier this way.