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February 20, 2008

A Cat name Meatloaf was lost but now is found

PHOENIX - A cat named Meatloaf who took a 3-week cross-country ride locked in a storage container is headed home to Florida. Arizona Humane Society officials say the 2-year-old gray cat apparently crawled into the large locker in Pompano Beach, Fla. as a man loaded it for a move to Phoenix.

The container spent time in a Florida warehouse and on a semitrailer before being delivered to a company's Phoenix facility.

A worker heard a cat meowing inside the container late Tuesday and found him hungry and thirsty but unharmed. The man who was moving remembered a similar cat near his old apartment.

Meatloaf's owners had put up posters around their neighborhood and the apartment manager recalled them when Humane Society called.

Spokeswoman Kim Noetzel says Meatloaf lost about half his body weight and they'll give him some time to recover before flying him home.


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1 comment:

erp said...

3 weeks cross country, huh?
such a brave cat, can i say that? =P