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January 2, 2008

New Year New Month, give me your VOTES this month

Friends: This is a new month Feburary and I have once more entered my blog to win at bloginterviewer and hope this month I will win. Last month I almost came close but in order for me to win I have get over 400 votes in a month so Im asking all of you who have had any contact with me or who know me through one thing or another to Please support me in this and VOTE fo me just click where it says in Print CLICK HERE AND VOTE FOR ME or just click on this link and it will take you to my blog interview and remember I have to get over 400 votes. It means alot for me to get your votes for Dogcents, if you love dogs and hate animal cruelty then do give me your votes everyday in order for me to win, it will only take a minute out of each day and thats it..When you vote your name is shown so let me see who really wants to help me out in this .. THe rules are simple and it says I can ask for votes and you can vote for me if you like me or like my blog or like what my blog stands for, or just vote for me because I asked you to. So Come on and VOte, click on this link now It will not take but a minute of you time. This is something new all together this does not have anything to do with the other voting buttons I have here like BLoggerchoice or Spicy pages this is Votes for my BLog and its interview that I gave and that you can read when you click on the CLICK HERE AND VOTE FOR ME TEXT it will take yu to my review. Thanks and I shall be looking to see who all has voted for me.. So vote for me here or at dogcents THank you. In all sincerity Lilyruth-->Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

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