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January 19, 2008

Boomerang comes back after 25 years

BRISBANE, Australia - Boomerangs really do come back - even after 25 years. Officials in an Australian Outback town were surprised when a boomerang arrived in the post. Along with it was a note from a guilt-ridden American who said he stole it years earlier from a museum in the mining town of Mount Isa, and now felt rotten about it.

"I removed this back in 1983 when I was younger and dumber," said the note, according to Mount Isa Mayor Ron McCullough. "It was the wrong thing to do, I'm sorry, and I'm going to send it back," said the note.

McCullough on Thursday gave the contrite thief's first name as Peter but said it would be unfair to release his full identity.

McCullough said the parcel was sent to the location of the old museum, now a paper manufacturing plant and community center, and was then handed to the Mount Isa council. He declined to reveal the value of the donation.

McCullough said the boomerang would be returned to its rightful owner, if he could be found.

Boomerangs were traditionally used by Aborigines as a hunting weapon. A typical returning boomerang can travel up to 150 feet in the air before returning to the thrower.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lilyruth,
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Jay Cam said...

wow thats unusual. how much do you think the boomerang was worth?

like 15 bucks? lol

lilyruth said...

Thanks Colin I do hope you will be able to fix it but as of yet I see no one can can find the trouble with it and how to correct it but I hope you can solve this problem I need to start Posting to Smorty.

lilyruth said...

Jay I think it cost more then that .Its a magical boomerrang.Smile. thanks for your comments and I do hope you will comment on my other posts that I have written here give me your ideas and opinions on what you think about each one after you read them so come back and visit often and leave commments and thanks for stopping by. Do come back soon.