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November 29, 2007

Really work or really stupid??

Lilyruths"This and that friendly cottage" Pets welcomed. "Old folks remedies, to cure what ailes you. Cut an apple into as many pieces as you have warts. Designate each piece to a to a wart and rub that piece on its wart. Now, put the apple back together and bury it. When the apple rots, the warts will be gone!"
This is an old folks remedy that is stupid and does not work so don't try it unless you want to feel like an idiot..
Folk Remedies. Really work or really stupid?
Well, I tried the banana remedy for warts and that worked! (tape a piece of banana skin on wart). Worth trying!!!
I like the part where you burry the apple. Does
that mean if you don't it Doesn't work or is it
just symbolic of geting rid of the wart ? How
can you tell when it rots if it is burried ? I
guess when the wart leaves. STUPID Huh?? Funny tho!
When I was a kid, my great aunt told me to cut an X in the wart, sprinkle salt in it. Wrap it with gauze for 24 hours, then take it off, put the gauze in a box, wrap it up in pretty paper & ribbons...then drop the package on the street of town. Whoever opens that package will get your wart!
It didn't work!
I got an email from a friend and it said:
I have suffered with warts all my life. One on my foot was getting extremely painful, so in desparation (thinking I'd need to have surgery on it) did a search, and came across "Wart Wonder" I've been using it faithfully and my wart that was the size of a 50 cent peice is now about the size of a quarter...I think I finally found the stuff that works. Good Luck!
I also found out that cayenne pepper used on a wort get rid of it. Sprinkle some on wet gause and put a bandage over it. Or try a piece of garlic held in place over the wart with a bandage and that will work also altho it takes a couple of weeks.
There are Old Folks remedies that really work and have been handed down through the years but there are those who are old wives tales and do not work at all. So be sure when yu do try an Old folks remedy that it has worked before you try it! There are many old folks remedies that are very good and those are the ones I bring and share with you here at Lilyruths, as well as a little of this and that..


Sirwanni said...

thought this post is real cute I like the humor you added to the remedies for warts. I have tried some of your old folks remedies and they have really worked for me especially the ones for hangovers. thanks for the cures from the kitchen. I was surprised to see how much stuff we have already in our kitchens tht can be used to cure diffeent types of ailments.

bokjae said...

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snuffy said...

I read in a book once (i think the book was stars fell on alabama) that if you would take a broom straw from your broom, measure the diameter of your wart with the broom straw, break it off at that length and bury that piece of broom straw at the steps of your home and when the straw rotts the wart will disapear. I know of two people personally that didn't believe but tried it and warts that had for years disapeared after following those instructions. I havn't tried that method myself but I did have an annoying wart on my index finger that I cut off with a razorblade then got a needle red hot and stuck into the middle of where the wart grew until I feltthe point of the needle and that wart went away and never came back.

Anonymous said...

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