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November 24, 2007

Emergency cash when you need it

My aunts son got arrested for some old trafic tickets he had not paid, and he needed the money right away. It was a good thing I knew about Cash Advance . I told him he could get the money right away to pay the tickets off and get his son out of jail By choosing online payday loan. All he needed to do is fill out an online appliction and meet the minimum requirements which are: To be employed for a least 3 months. Earn at least 1,000 per month income. Have a valid checking account open for at lest 3 months. He was still worried he would not get the loan because he had always paid cash he never had any credit, but online payday loans are offered to people with no credit, poor credit, or even bankrupticies. The approved applicant will be notified and the payday lender calculates the amount to be lent out plus fees for example if he borrowed 400.00 the loan fees were 20.00 for each 100.00 the amount withdrawned would be 460.00. The money you need will be electroniclly deposited into checking account overnight..You can apply at home without having to stand in any line the process is faster and you can apply annoymously, in the privacy of your home without any other lenders knowing about it. Tele-Track simply verfies the application information such as employment, banking, and lending info. This is why its best you fill out the application truthfully. Then it will be reviewed and either denied or approved and they will be notified by email. There are several sites that offer the best rates and fast approvals for unsececured loans up to 1500.00 that he can choose from so he chose one of these sites that CashAdvance had to offer. He doesn't even have to pay it back until the specified date of the terms that were areed on or it can be extented to the next payday.So without having to wait days on out or weeks he got his son out of jail and he's back home where he belongs and thanks to cash advance this story has a Happy ending.

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Markk said...

Congrats! I notice you got a PR4 on your home page. Hey, when are you going to come visit again?

Don Thieme said...

That seems like a really sad story to me. It is ridiculous what the courts and police are getting away with these days in terms of raising revenue on the backs of ordinary working folks. Noone should be slammed in jail over traffic fines.

Payday Loan said...

Now a days payday loans become more popular, it is useful if we need urgent money.Payday loans are otherwise called short term loans. These are used to tackle your financial emergencies. The internet speeds up the process of payday loan. Cash advance loans are easy to acquire and the loan process is less cumbersome. Payday loan has gained immense popularity with more and more people embracing cash advance loans

ykzir said...

Do NOT proceed to cash advance places. I glimpsed one on tv where the interest rate was 65%. Friends family anything. If it isnt a lend from a bank DO NOT do it. Those cash advance loans places will rape you much quicker than a priest to an altar boy.