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October 8, 2007

Vampires They Walk Among Us

Susan walked down the quiet avenue, wisps of fog swirling around her feet. No stranger to the lonely street, she was accustomed to its twists and turns as she shook off the stresses of her hectic work day. What she could not shake off so easily was the unaccustomed sense that she was not alone. Perhaps it was something in the way the mist seemed to cling to her feet, or the damp chill that so easily penetrated the light coat she wore. Or perhaps she really wasn't alone after all. The stranger stood, unmoving, in the middle of the street just ahead of Susan, the fog coiling around him like a lover's seduction. Where he had come from, why she hadn't seen him before, were questions that Susan couldn't think to ask, as she stared at the nightmare vision before her. His clothes, so black that they seemed to be more of an absence of light than a colour, made it appear as though his his head rode a wave of moonless night. His skin was as pale and cold as the mists that swirled around him, his face a mask of chilled beauty that was hypnotic in its inhumanity.

Vampire – the word conjures up visions of pale monsters who walk in the guise of man, endlessly searching for their next victim. In the modern incarnation, the vampire is one who drains away a person's vitality and life force, leaving his victim listless, tired, and drained of energy. We refer to them as psychic vampires, but they are no less frightening as the blood suckers of legend. But are all psychic vampires as evil as we want to believe?

There are a great variety of psychic vampires, but they all share one thing in common: a need for life force. For some reason they are unable to produce or maintain sufficient levels of this energy to sustain themselves. Some are aware of their condition, others are not, but they all need to replenish their energy from exterior sources. Energy sources range from the environment, to living creatures, to specific emotions such as fear or love.

There are deliberate vampires, who, in order to increase their lifespan, and maintain a healthy quality of life, have deliberately cultivated the ability to steal life force from others. These predators most closely resemble the monsters that we think them to be, and are to be avoided wherever possible. There are unintentional vampires, who are not consciously aware of their need. They manifest as parasitic individuals, drama queens, and the like, who's draining effects are generally mild unless one is exposed to them for an extended period of time.

There also exists in our society a third category of vampire: the self acknowledged vampire. These people know that they have a deficiency in their energy body that needs to be regularly replenished. While some of them adopt a "goth" lifestyle, complete with hair, makeup, and clothing, many of them are normal people with normal lives. They are construction workers and secretaries, brothers and sisters, friends and co-workers. They are you and me.

Most of them follow a code of ethics that precludes predatory feeding, preferring to find a donor instead of a victim. If they do not reveal themselves to you, you might never know who or what they are. Many belong to a vampire organization, called a house, though some prefer not to affiliate themselves with any particular group. If it were not for the vampire aspect of their lives, they would be indistinguishable from everybody else.

What makes them need life force? Why do they have a deficiency in their energy systems? It could be similar to models of weight loss and gain. There are some individuals who are thin, and are healthy that way. Then there are other individuals who are skinny and not healthy that way; they require supplements to balance their system and so raise their weight up to healthy levels. So it might also be with energy feeders: some may be perfectly healthy operating on less energy, while the same lessened energy levels in an other would be insufficient to maintain their lives. That situation could be an indicator that the individuals are missing a frequency set that they either cannot retain or manufacture. These individuals could be made healthy by replacing the frequency or harmonic set from external sources, which is where the energetic individuals would come in. Those who are healthy have, or can create, the energies they need for life, whether those needs be great or small.

I wonder if the psychic vampire are not a precursor to man's next evolutionary phase? Consider this: in our society we have psychic vampires, and we have people diagnosed as hyperactive, one of the key symptoms of which is an uncontrolled overabundance of energy. What if the latter could function as an energy source for the former? What if, through subsequent development, the "vampire" could, in addition to feeding, take a group's excess energy, and direct it toward a useful end, rather like the components of a flashlight? The group would provide the power, and the vampire would direct the energy to produce light?

It is widely held belief that mankind is moving toward a more enlightened age, one of spiritual awareness, and psychic ability. Many vampires believe that they have inherent psychic abilities, and indeed is a requirement for energetic feeding. Perhaps these abilities are an extension of an overall ability to harness life energy, and direct it to the betterment of mankind.

It is clear that we, as a species, are moving on in our overall development. We are developing a world consciousness, an awareness that we are all connected. An increasing number of people are manifesting abilities once relegated to the realm of the mystic. In the larger group, everybody has a role to play. Perhaps some are energy sources, and others are directors of that energy, while still others are healers and builders, with each individual helping to maintain the overall organism that is man.

Whatever you choose to believe, believe this: there are vampires in your life. Right now, and possibly closer than you think. While some are predatory or parasitic in nature, there are many more who are just trying to live. When I have a deficiency in my systems, I seek to correct it, just as they do. The majority of them are not out to harm you. They just want to live a good life, the same as you and I.
source:Mr. Barry

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lady in Black said...

I truely believe thhhhhhhhhhhhhere are vamp;ires that walk among us and they look like you and me altho some do dress differently but youd never know who is who just like we do not know who is a sex ofender it could be our neighbor looks are deceiving but about the vampires I believe they have a right on this earth just like we do even if they are different as long as they hurt no one whats wrong with being different. To each his own I have always said.. What do You all think??