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October 10, 2007

Satan is running Loose

A satanist who allegedly lures men to bed in order to rob them is on the loose in Gaborone.The woman apparently uses her evil powers to extort her victims' debit card pin numbers and loot their money from the bank. The devil worshiping South African woman, commonly known as Tshireletso, confessed at a healing crusade organized by the Christian Worship Center (CWC) of South Africa at the National Stadium in Gaborone recently. She revealed that she had come to Gaborone to cast evil spells on unsuspecting people.CWC owns the popular Divine Troupe God Channel, which has footages of Tshireletso, at several crusades where CWC Pastor Irene Tshifiwe exorcised her, releasing snakes, frogs, rings, money and chains through her private and other body parts.Tshifiwe said: "She told us that she specialized in men. She performed sex with them and used her evil powers to know their pin codes and steal their money."Lazarus Mosandiwa, a member of the Divine Troupe God Channel in South Africa told The Voice that they had footage of the woman releasing horrible objects such as men's genitals, money, wires of all alphabetical shapes, and rings from her private parts."After having sex with these men, she kills some of them and steals their private parts," he said.Tshireletso was last seen at the National Stadium where she was rolling over and crawling in zigzags like a snake.Mosandiwa said: "This woman had been following us wherever we hold crusades. She first appeared at our service in May 2006 and confessed she was a satanist."She told us she wanted to be delivered and revealed she had evils powers to kill fetuses in their mother's womb, steal from men, kill and mutilate them. We prayed for her and all sorts of things came out of her body."After the exorcism, Mosandiwa said, Tshireletso disappeared only to come back at another Crusade that was held at the Alexander Township in South Africa."She threw rings, bangles and shoes onto the stage. Source: all africa


claire said...

Wow those men better beware and stay away . What a story .

Hem said...

THis story it gave me nightmares but I likes scarey stories especially movies so I really enjoyed it and did not mind the nightmare. Satan is one sick dude.