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October 15, 2007

The Enviroment and Ice Age

I told my friend Chessnoid I would join In to make people aware to keep our enviroment Clean. I recycle all the cans I get and always planting green plants to clean the air. You all can join in to keep the enviroment clean as well.Scientists are keeping their eyes out for the changes in the enviroment and global warming..The records we have go back a few hundred years at most.Just because scientists say its out fault and the government agree doesnt make it so, scientists once said the world was flat, scientist said we were the center of the universe and everything revolved around us, scientist said a lot of things which quite frankly prove nothing but the arrogance of man.The Earths rotation around the Sun isnt the same all the time, it alters slightly, the Earth's rotational axis also varies, these 2 simple things will throw any data that we have well off even if these 2 simple rotations change by as much as a single degree, add to that the Earth tilting on its own axis and there you have 3 simple things that will really screw up the eco-system of this planet, then theres the moon, change its rotation and bang the tidal system on the planet goes too pot...

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