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August 5, 2007

Whats going on the Web?

" Speak about anything is what this cottage is all about! Tell your friends about "Lilyruths "Facebook jumps 270 per cent:
Still dwarfed by MySpace though...
According to new social networking web stats released today, Facebook had more than 52.2 million users worldwide during June. That's a jump of 270 per cent compared to June 2006. However MySpace is still the daddy, with more than 114 million global visitors aged 15 and older in June. That represents a 72 per cent leap compared to the same month the year before. (up 172 percent to 18.2 million visitors) and (up 774 percent to 13.2 million visitors) also bagged hugely increased visitor numbers showing that the last year really has been the zenith for social networking on the web. After all, had you heard of Facebook?
ComScore reckons there are now more than 3.5 million Facebook users in the UK.

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I should explore a few of these. I like Blogger though as I don't get bad messages faster than I can remove them...and I still get plenty of traffic.