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August 2, 2007

Old Folks Remedies

Hangover Prevention: When you've finished drinking and are ready for bed, stir a tablespoon of sugar into a glass of orange juice and drink it down. This old folks remedy was proven by a woman who took care of an alcoholic for years. She said it prevented him from ever having a "morning after" hangover. The fructose in the drink helps the body burn alcohol quickly. "Morning after" Sympton soothes Take a quarter of lemon and rub the juicy part side on each arm pit. Revolting as it sounds, it really works.. This folk remedy has been endorsed by medical doctors.. Hangover Helper...Drink plenty of water the morning after .. Its important to replenish the water you lost the night before.. You all remember not to drink and drive... source: Chicken soup... You can leave your COMMENTS, your likes or dislikes,"this and that" Speak about anything is what this cottage is all about! Tell your friends about "Lilyruths "
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Moon Danzer said...

I had a friend , a retired bartender who always drank pickle juice 2 hrs. before going to work , she swore by it for hangover. I'm convinced it was the vinegar. But I've never heard of tht one. Thanks for the heads up.

Hem said...

I sure can use this the morining after but I love to drink and party so I will definetly try it and thanks. I like the blog you got its different full of all kinds of tuff. Weird is right.

Julia said...

Thanks for visitng my blog and thanks for the cute message. I tried your remedies to see if it worked and I felt great, thanks and keep bringing the info on stuff like that I know I can use it.

cookie said...

I like your tips on hangovers and enjoyed your corney jokes. be back soon.

B. Durant said...

Interesting. If I ever take up binge drinking again I guess I'll be armed with some new info.

Gorric said...

I like this site better then your Dogcents its weirder, I like weird ;)