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August 14, 2007

Human Sex Pheromones

What Works :Pherlure Cologne is the winner, too bad I didn't find it first. First off, it's the only one on the list that uses an exclusive pheromone, Di-Dehydroepiandrosterone, to be university tested by University of Chicago. University of Chicago was actually the first University to find humans respond to pheromones in the 90's. The tests they've done on this brand showed that it works! By far the most effective Pheromone product I've tested, increased smiles, flirting, calls, action... The stuff also smells awsome, I've gotten compliments on just the smell. Highly Recommended by satified customer.


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playboy said...

Hey I can use some of this sex cologne to get some girls, when I go out partying. ha ha ha thanks for the heads up keep the news coming.Maybe it will help me to get laid.

Hot stuff said...

I have got to get me some of this stuff and try it out cuz if its one thing Idon't get enough of is sex. If this stuff is gonna help em get more tramps then Im sure nuff gonna buy a big bottle. ha ha ha