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July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Lilyruths"This and that friendly cottage" Wishes Everyone and their families and Pets too,a Very Happy Happy Day! I also wanted to bring to attention the Post titled " Weird Classifieds" I made a statement and said the "The World is full fo addicts" and I asked you all to comment to this and let me know what your addiction was and is? I would like for you all to be honest and tell us what your addicted to whether its Coffee, Aspirins, booze, pills, drugs, candies, food, cigarettes, sex, work, etc. etc. whatever your addiction tell us about it. Its best to admit that you have an addiction to something,even if its just candy but to admit it is a start in getting it taken care of, for like I said the world is full of addicts, by no means are you alone. When you stop and think about it, we make up the world! I do wish those of you who stop by and visit my blog would join in , and add your two cents to this post.Its only to prove that most of us are addicted to one thing or another.. thank you for stopping by to visit with me.. You are always welcomed. You can leave your COMMENTS, your likes or dislikes,"this and that" Speak about anything is what this cottage is all about! Tell your friends about "Lilyruths "


Folgers said...

Im addicted to coffee, I just cannot get though the day without a few cups of coffee. And your right this old world is full of some type of addicts.

Anonymous said...

Im addicted to aspirins Im always popping aspirins into me. Seems I just have to have them all day and everyday.