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July 18, 2007

Good Memory

You know to remember the name of a person, be interested in him or her. Be interested in what he has to say about himself. It is not easy to remember faces arbitrarily. We recall easily that in which we are interested. If you can find a common point of contact with a person when you meet him or her, you are much more apt to recall him the next time you see him. Of course, one remembers most easily those in whom he finds the most congenial response. But a continued response from another person is something that you can cultivate. Almost everyone has some points of interests and if you want to remember people and names, then make it your business to find that point of common interest when you meet him. You can begin (especially if you are a professional man or woman) by asking questions. Gradually you can find out what interests the other fellow and he will talk more interestedly aboutthat in which he is himself interested. Another thing, don't hurry too much when you fnd it difficult to recall a name. Do not allow yourself to become panic-stricken because of this inability to recall. If you wait quietly and relax and talk a moment with the person, the chances are that you will find their name coming up into your consciousness without effort on your part...


morinn said...

hi there. let me know how you want the badge. what words to include etc. visit to leave comments. thanx

lilyruth said...

THis is a good article its tru at times we cannot even rember our friends name. Life is to fast we should slow down and live.

tamana said...

lilyruth sometimes I live it so fast and wake up not knowing what happen the day before now thats sad/ Guess I should not drink to much it blurrs the mind.