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June 30, 2007

Weird Classifieds

Its a weird and crazy world, Did you know that the world is full of addicts? yes, seems like eveyone is addicted to something, coffee,aspirins,cigarettes,pills,booze,food,candy, drugs,something! Just think about it. Tell me What are you addicted to?? Leave comments

Eating two teaspoons of honey at each meal will prevent a migraine headache in many people.


manila said...

Im addicted to coffee I cannot start the morning without a hot cup of coffee.and maybe a donut on the side.

Smokey said...

Im addicted to cigarettes, I have a nicotin fit when I am without a smoke. I know the deal about cancer but I just had a checkup and Im in perfect health. Not all people who smoke get cancer and its hell now a days to smoke anywhere they problay make a law about you can't smoke unless in your own house!! What a bummer! But I'll smoke till I die and thats a long way off! How many of you are addicted to cigarettes and wish you could quit? Your only fooling yourself cigarettes taste to good to give up.

Pill Popper said...

I m addicted to aspirins i have to pop aspirins all day long czuse seems like I always have a bad headache. The headache will stop for a little while then I have to take some more aspirins this goes on and on. Maybe I should take something stronger like zanex? Any suggestions? I do need something for the pain?

Daniel said...

So funny :)))))))) Just love these stupid ads...