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June 26, 2007

A New Directory of Blog Directories

Attention New Bloggers and Old I have some great news for you, now you can get more traffic sent your way through this new released Directory of Blog Directories and see yourself rise among the competition. Using Directory of Blog Directories will allow you to increase traffic directly as well as improve your search engine rankings. Bloggers who get in early will be proven the leaders. So take advantage of this new opportunity now.


ladynada said...

I can attest to blogskinny helping drive traffic to my blog. I have seen the search referral in the stats where a user has clicked on a search result with blogskinny's url that directs them to my blog.

I also participated in their programs and did get to be on the top page of their site for an entire day ( in a rotation ).

I recommend blogskinny

There are a few entries on my blog that refer to blogskinny


James Soh said...

Thanks for the heads UP! :)

Anonymous said...

ehh.. nice .

Anonymous said...

а все таки: благодарю!! а82ч