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May 24, 2007

Hither and Yon

The Case Of Hither and Yon A great many people in all walks of life experience cases of hither and yon. Why this peculiar nomenclature? Hither and Yon are here denoting two locations, opposites, apart from each other. One is here, in this place, and the other there, remote from the first. They also could be assumed as the two points between which an imaginary pedulum swings back and forth. Almost every person meets events, is stirred by emotions and goes through actions inspired and prompted by various motives. The effects of all these make him the subject of a case of a pendulating mind, depending upon his nature. Ordinarily when we become aware of an impression, we feel inclined to weigh it. Will it be good or bad for us? Will it serve us, or make us slaves? Will it be of benefit, or harm? What kind of a decision should we make? And so on. Some of us are very easily exposed to such pendulation. When nourished by an indecisive mind it will wreak havoc with our lives. Such a mind can wrestle with an imprerssions, a problem, a proposition, even with a desire, for quite some time. Its owner can be thrown into the abyss of unhappiness by this self-imposed mental torture. Hither and Yon represent fear and courage, wekness and strength, enlightement and ignorance, disbelief and faith, hate and love, inharomony and harmony, turmoil and peace. The choice is ours. When we understand that our free will with which our Creator has endowed us, can serve us for good or evil, we as rational beings must select the good. This is much more than just the action of a well-reasoning intellect. This selection of good is equivalent to the submission of our will to God's. This willingness to choose and course of action through God's. Will demonstrates that we have exercised our free will to let God's Will reign in our earthly existence. What is GOD's Will? It is only our definite, manifestable good. In our experiences we shall arrive at a certain pointg after they have hurled us into despair and raised us again to the height of exaltation. This certain point is the motionless center of a whirlpool. Or the split second of suspension between inhaling and exhaling the breath. When we analyze it sincerely, we can recognize it as the turning of the ride. Whenever anything comes to a temporary standstill, a good examination and a sizing up of the particular situation can be made....., Calm precipitates clarity, Inaction, coupled with inner perception, congeals into fruitful action. The physical law of rest results in equilibrium. We may transfer the meaning of this to the spiritual side of life. As the beam of a scale or the pendulum of a clock come to rest, so must ther pendulating mind come to a complete rest at times. This inactive state is not inertia but only invigorating peace, enforcing valuable communication with the inner real Self. It is giving up the turmoil, the confusion, the excitement in exchange for creative stillness, to gain clarity. Can we not see the very bottom of a crystal lake when it is undisturbed? Is not the quiet solemnity of the countryside conducive to the recuperation of a city dweller's tortured, overactive, restless mind? What causes the pendulum of the intellect to swing? What moves it back and forth from positive to negative, sapping the strength of the indivual? Indecision, doubt, uncertainty, ignorance, instability and hesitancy are the conspiring factors uniting to effect the avalanche that pulls man away from useful action. The speed of the pendulation thoughts and the distance between the points depend upon the gravity of the problem. Indecision is the greatest destructive element in human make-up. What is its origin and cause? We can find it in simple-minded persons and in highly intellectual specimens. It is often a thin line between success and failure. Psychologists state that a person who is indecisive should do mething, anything instead of holding on to procrastination and restless inactivity. Fortunately, however, there is a much better remedy. Materially inclined persons may oppose it, go-getters may discard it and storymy warriors who elbow themselves through life may reject it, but I believe it to be a good and effective remedy-- a valid method. The pendulous state of a restless, undecided mind can be brought to the motionless point of cretive mood by the recognition of our Soul and its powers. Having seen that we cannot accomplish anything by a state of not knowing what to do we must rely upon ur inner Self for the decision, guidance and directions concerning where and when and how. If we could only perceive the blessing of a few minutes of complete stillness for listening, inside of ourselves, we would joyously yearn for this recreative practive during our busy days, When we meditate we reccognize the Spirit and it reveals itself to us. The very same Power that makes our bodies function, makes our emotions rise and fall, our thoughts flow, this identicl Power can direct us when we only submit to it by our acknowledging it as the Supreme. This submission is not a disgraceful act. It is not a weakening of ur courage, but poor wisdom. Our good only can come from it. Why not rely on tis great treasure deposited inside of us for our free and unlimited use? Do we not go to our bank for the withdrawal of funds for our needs? These material funds diminish, dwindle away, wheras the spiritual wealth within is inexhaustible. This abundance consists of intangible properties which supply us permanently and effectively whenever we draw upon it. We enact our unlimited, wealth. Thus we are making the claim for it. By becoming conscious of these qualities or fruits of the Spirit, we become one with them, through acceptance. Then they govern us and preside over our thoughts. The nature of events in our lives conforms with our inner qualities. States and things in our enriched lives manifest on the outside the equivalents on the inside. The fruits of the Spirit are Freedom, Happiness, Security, Love, Joy, Abundance and Health. Accept them all with grateful humility and walk in the awareness of their expression on all occasions and in all situations. Then you shall reach the peak of your inner life: Peace of mind. Believe in these indestructible soul qualities, become convinced that you are one with them by your divine nature of being man expressing GOD, and KNOW that it is so. Then you will walk in freedom, a blessing to the whole universe. Feel at all times that you are being which is perfect, complete, self-sufficient, independent of anything on the outside. Live as such a being. Troubles vanish and indecision, procrastination and restlessness will pass away with them...................


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webetur said...

This article really gives you food for thought I really enjoy reading it and I hope tohers get the true meaning of what your saying.

lilyruth said...

I also hope others will get the true meaning of what Im saying sometimes I talk alot of B>S> but I have my times when I takes inventory of althings. thanks for your comment I wish more people would eave them.