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April 16, 2007

Improve this blog !Comments shown here

Lilyruths"This and that friendly cottage" Im still trying to get my new blog in order and I would appreciate any help. Like where can I find more codes to improve your blog? Also Im thinking about having a contest I would like all of you to write a short story a few lines letting me know What is the most scariest thing that happened to you? Then I would have others vote on the best story and the winner would win several coke codes. Its just an idea but I need to get a hit counter and I dont know where to get one so they can vote. So let me have some help with this please. I also hope that soon more people will come and join in with their thoughts and interest here. How do I get people to come and participate on their blog. I call it this and that because your blog is just that its your blog and you can post this or that a variety of subjects not just one particular one. About the contest when I get it together I will let you all know! So come on in you are all invited.


Sharron said...

see my blog you can get a stats counter there as well as a link pimp code. Found at the bottom of the page.
Hugzzzz RS friend

lilyruth said...

Sharon:thanks for your help I sure appreciate it and I will check it out especially the link to the pimp code. come back and see me.