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April 20, 2007

Girls of the Future

My play daughter is not even 10 yet and already there is no one who can close a deal like her. She can't take NO for an answer, which is al-right because I never WANT to say no to her. So she'll be delivering to me school candy that she is selling as a school project. Naturally I couldnt't say NO, tho I actually don't love that particular candy (Peanut Brittle) which is probably for the best because I have a sweet-tooth so those boxes will be sitting around. I'd prefer they be cookies or candies I liked. LOL I could be wrong, but I feel like the young girls in my life are more confident, more self-assured then I was at that time of my life, or than I'm now. I'm glad of it, because I know tht the world is just getting tougher so its probably a good thing that the girls are getting tougher as well. Is it just because I'm so madly in love with all the little girls, I'm so lucky to have in my life, that I think they are such KICK ASS girls, or are girls getting stronger, smarter and bolder?

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