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November 30, 2010

Almonds- Not only for Christmas Cookies

      My dear friends and loyal readers sorry I have been away for some time but its this old computer it crashes when it wants to nd I have to fix it myself for I can not afford a tech so this time it took me longer then usual. But bear with me and be patient for it takes me while to get it back to working and at first I thought I might not get it to work at all. But Im happy to be back to give you the latest kitchen and old folks remedies. I hope tho that when my computer does break down and you al see that Im not posting that you all will still come back and stop by and visit me and red some of my older posts until I can get back on line.  So let me get back to giving you the kitchen remedies for Christmas
Healing you find in your Kitchen

Explorations of the Almond as a Health Benefit to Human Kind.

Almonds are not only for decoration on Christmas Cookies, Almonds are a very important healing tool. Cancer research is being done to find a cure based on Almond extracts.

Almonds are not only used as medicine, it is a very essential as food. Ten Almonds equal a half a pound of meat and are important as a protein intake in a survival situation. Contents at a Glance

The Almond Tree is native to the Middle East and is a small deciduous tree, reaching a high of four to ten meters. The fruit of this Tree is also named Almond and is widely cultivated. The Tree will flower 7-8 months each year and produce a hard shelled nut in autumn. Its small pinkish flowers will send their aroma over the country side and the healing starts there.

This Tree is a Tree that gives us natural healing and has now been discovered to be helpful in Cancer prevention and reduction. The Healing Food in a Nut Shell

Sweet Almonds have been used for healing and food for centuries. In ancient times sweet almonds had been considered as a healing food. Ten Almonds are the equivalent to on half pound of meat in nutritions. In a survival situation, Almonds are small enough to carry with you and helpful enough to do so.

Six tablespoons of ground Almonds mixed in ½ pint of water will help with fevers and to overcome bronchial attacks. Invalids tolerate this drink well and therefore it is very helpful in healing a broken body. Almonds have NO cholesterol, are very low in sodium, low in sugar content, High in manganese and high in magnesium. Almonds not only for Cookies

Almonds are generally thought of as nuts one puts in cookies and cakes.

Almond infusions are very popular and generally highly thought off. You need to be careful though with this sort of infusion, it will also act as a laxative.

Almond oil is used for aroma therapy massages. It softens the skin and the senses in one massage. New research gives even more support to the healthy benefits of almonds: almonds may well be a food that helps fight obesity and diabetes.

Almonds are also known to lower blood cholesterol levels, although they have generally been thought of as one of the "FATTY" foods. 90% of the fat's in Almonds are unsaturated and with a high protein and fiber content, they are more helpful the harmful. A person with a high probability of Osteoporoses would do well to eat lots of Almonds to help prevent this affliction. Those innocent little brown nuts also are very helpful with blood pressure regulation.

New research have been done with Almond intake and weight loss. Almond's high level of satiety, (that is satisfaction or fullness from food,) are very helpful in a weight loss diet. Purdue University studies showed that adding nearly two servings of almonds to a person's diet did not cause them to gain weight or body fat at all, but rather led them to decrease their intake of calories from other sources of food.

In ancient times, Almonds had been considered a food that helps increase vitality, improve the complexion and help the body fight of the effects of drunkennes                                                                                                                                                              Lilyruths"This and that friendly cottage" Pets welcomed. "Old folks remedies, to cure what ailes you.. find it here. You can leave your COMMENTS, your likes or dislikes,"this and that" Speak about anything is what this cottage is all about! Tell your friends. about "Lilyruths "And SUBSCRIBE to my Readers Feeds:  Be sure to sign into my Googles Friends connect widget and show your a friend to us here especially if your a friend in my blog community. So sign up in Googles Friends Connect widget before you leave. Also be sure to check out and adgitize my ads and check out my other ads here this helps me keep my blog going. Thank you..


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