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August 17, 2010

Lice Home Remedy

                Mayonnaise lice home remedy seems so simple that it is actually not used often although it is a shame: it works wonders! Seems like this is the time of year that most of our kids get lice in their heads, usually they catch these lice from other children at school.. This home remedy can be very useful..

Before you hear about mayonnaise lice home remedy, it is important to know a bit about lice. These nasty little creatures love humans and are especially fond of warm areas of the neck and head. Since they like blood, they try to stay as close to the scalp as possible. And because they use six legs to attach themselves firmly, it can be really difficult to detach them.

The female head lice lay eggs (nits) whose colors range from white to gray. Because they camouflage themselves so well, if your hair is brown and your hair is infested with gray lice, removing them is a pain! Same thing with white ones if your hair is blond. Once the incubation period is over, nits turn into baby nymphs and then to lice.

Why is this important for mayonnaise lice home remedy? 2 reasons: 1) Mayonnaise smothers lice and 2) makes it easy to remove nits (usually the most painstaking process of all).

What do you need to make mayonnaise lice home remedy?

A jar of regular mayonnaise.

How to apply it?

Scoop out as much mayonnaise as you need to cover the scalp and the hair thoroughly. Apply it liberally. When all the hairs and scalp are covered, you can place a clear plastic bag over your hair so the mayo doesn’t drip. Leave it on for a couple of hours.

Use a regular shampoo to rinse the hair off. It might take several application of shampoo to remove the mayonnaise lice remedy. When done, using a fine tooth comb, comb the hair until you get all the nits and lice out.

Another recipe I know of calls for adding apple cider vinegar to the mayo. I know of vinegar as a good lice remedy in a different recipe but don’t see why you shouldn’t try it mixed with mayo.

When making a mayonnaise lice remedy, be persistent. Lice are indeed tedious to get rid of, but this recipe offers an alternative to chemicals-filled commercial shampoos available.

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