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March 3, 2009

Old Folks Remedies- Drink Beer to lower blood pressure... Farting to release Gas

While surfing through the net I came across these articles that I thought I would share with you here since its related to old folks remedies but more so because I think you will get a giggle out of it . Now keep in mind just because some remedies sound strange are funny does not mean they do not work these have been tried out and they do work so its up to you if you want to try these old folks remedies because what works for someone may not be for you but at least it will not hurt you................. Drink Beer to lower blood - People who drink 1-2 beers per day show better elasticity of the blood vessels than non drinkers.I would add one can of beer per day to your diet. Source: Cheeple from California

Farting - It is a little known fact that blood pressure is related to a buildup of gas in the body. Farting releases the gas, hence relieving the pressure on the blood. My blood pressure used to be in the 150/95 range until I started farting. Now I fart freely and prouldy, and my bp is a perfect 120/60. Source: Josiah from Ft. Worth Texas

Cut cholesterol - Drink a few glasses of purple grape juice (unsweetened) daily. It works great, and just because the bottle says unsweetened, it doesn't mean it tastes bad. Actually it's pretty good. Cut out fried foods and butters and oils, just don't do the cholesterol pills, or else you'll develop more problems. Source: Terri from Warren, Ri


ozzieblackcat said...

Very interesting old folks remedies. :) I wonder if my sons know they are helping their health when they go around farting. ha! Thanks for a good article.

Reliable hosting service said...

I thought farting occured naturally and we try to suppress it. So you can do that on purpose? How is that possible?