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December 14, 2008

Weird Kitchen meat Meals - Roosters Testicles delicecy

Taipei, Taiwan

We were looking for the infamous Snake Alley night market in Taibei, when I spotted a tray of gross looking balls. We weren't sure what they were at first, but the thin veins and tight plump shape hinted that they weren't just a stomach or kidney. We asked... Chicken testicles! "Good for the skin," the lady told us. "Good for male strength," the guy told us, motioning to his groin. That's what it all boils down too -- good skin for women, good erections for men.

We ordered a half dozen of these rooster nuts. They're actually impressive in size, for a bird. As much as I loath to admit, they're bigger than mine. Hard to imagine, eh? Wait, let me check again.... Yep! Wow.

Male chickens are called "roosters" in American English, and "cocks" in English English. Cocks don't have a penis. Go figure. So some scientists (but probably not chicken farmers) call their sexual glands "rudimentary copulatory organs." That's nice and polite, but it probably wouldn't work well when your girlfriend is asking you to talk dirty to her.

In case of a rooster or cock attack, here's what to do... and if you like cocks, there's more info on Wikipedia about them.

Dave refuses to eat the rooster testicle ... but after a sip of beer, realizes he has the balls to eat it...

Snake Alley is funny. They've perfected their trade. Between the restaurants selling deer penis, snake blood, and cock balls (these are all aphrodisiacs), there are sex toy shops, massage parlors, hair salons, and if you wander off the main path, red lights. So within one small alley block, you can get your erection and then lose it -- so efficient! Or get a hair cut to go with your glowing skin. Whatever you fancy.

So we ate the rooster testicles. We asked the chef to cook them simple, so we could really check out their natural flavor. She boiled them in water. They're too big to eat in one bite. The flavor is fairly neutral, and would be good in a curry or with hot sauce. Soft white like soft tofu, in a tight skin like a sausage. The center was liquid like an under-cooked egg or a creamy custard. Is that sperm? Chicken jizz?

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Moira said...

Iwwwwww... Very weird pictures. Does people eat those?

ozzieblackcat said...

Those look and sound awful. You couldn't pay me enough money to try them. lol.

jenskie said...

i can't believe chicken have big testicles... oh well, really it takes a daredevil to try these.

john said...

Those are delicious. Taste it for your self.