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May 1, 2008

Simple Steps to Lose Weight

1) Don"t Worry about it..

2) No eating before bed. (your body slows down in sleep)

3) Ear your last meal no later than 6 if possible.

4) Do not go hungry or skip meals. (this will slow down your metabolic rate)

5) When eating out, choose sensible alternatives.

6) Prepare a list before food shopping and stick to it.

7) Keep active and positive. Source: News,Health
Food Five-Second Rule:
Posted by tkcollier in Enviroment, Food, Life, Lifestyle.

The Five-Second Rule Explored, or How Dirty Is That Bologna? - New York Times
Professor Dawson and colleagues placed test food slices onto salmonella-painted surfaces for varying lengths of time, and counted how many live bacteria were transferred to the food.

On surfaces that had been contaminated eight hours earlier, slices of bologna and bread left for five seconds took up from 150 to 8,000 bacteria. Left for a full minute, slices collected about 10 times more than that from the tile and carpet, though a lower number from the wood.

The infectious dose, the smallest number of bacteria that can actually cause illness, is as few as 10 for some salmonellas, fewer than 100 for the deadly strain of E. coli.

Of course we can never know for sure how many harmful microbes there are on any surface. But we know enough now to formulate the five-second rule, version 2.0: If you drop a piece of food, pick it up quickly, take five seconds to recall that just a few bacteria can make you sick, then take a few more to think about where you dropped it and whether or not it’s worth eating.

Born to be Fat
Posted by tkcollier in Food, Life, Lifestyle.

Genes Take Charge, and Diets Fall by the Wayside - New York Times
There is a reason that fat people cannot stay thin after they diet and that thin people cannot stay fat when they force themselves to gain weight. The body’s metabolism speeds up or slows down to keep weight within a narrow range. Gain weight and the metabolism can as much as double; lose weight and it can slow to half its original speed.

80 percent of the offspring of two obese parents become obese, as compared with no more than 14 percent of the offspring of two parents of normal weight. 70 percent of the variation in peoples’ weights may be accounted for by inheritance, a figure that means that weight is more strongly inherited than nearly any other condition, including mental illness, breast cancer or heart disease.

The feeling of hunger is intense and, if not as potent as the drive to breathe, is probably no less powerful than the drive to drink when one is thirsty. This is the feeling the obese must resist after they have lost a significant amount of weight...


Greenville NC Events said...

Please! no pictures like this! :)

ozzie said...

Interesting article! I've always thought inheiritance played a role in weight because all five of my sisters and myself have a little bit of a weight problem. Nothing as bad as some of those pictures...not yet anyway.

James said...

Good tips... and great pics! ha