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December 19, 2007

Old Folks Remedies be Careful what you take.

Unlike prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, herbal products and supplements don’t have to be tested to prove they work well and are safe before they’re sold. Also, they may not be pure. They might contain other ingredients, such as plant pollen, that could make you sick. Sometimes they contain drugs that aren’t listed on the label, such as steroids or estrogens. Some of these products may even contain toxic (poisonous) substances, such as arsenic, mercury, lead and pesticides.

What types of herbal products and supplements are available?

Hundreds of herbal products and supplements are available. They are advertised to treat just about any symptom. However, there are some that do not serve its purpose..

Talk to your doctor before taking herbal products.
If you are going to have surgery, be sure to tell your doctor if you use herbal products.
You should be especially cautious about using herbal health products or supplements if you take Drugs to treat depression, anxiety or other psychiatric problems
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Anonymous said...

Hi Lilyruth,
Hope that you are almost ready for Christmas. I have my daughter with me now until next Wednesday so it's busy with going around the girly shops, wrapping presents and finding a few last minute ones too.

Hope that you are having a great day my dear friend,
take care

lilyruth said...

Colin thanks for stoping by and letting me know whats going on. You know Im glad when you all leave me comments and let me know if you enjoyed my articles because it takes me a long time to search all the internet and find the best articles I think you all will enjoy and place them on my blog where you all can find them and not waste time looking for them yourselves. I have it for you here. So keep leaving me those comments when you enjoy some article you have read here or when you find something interesting here. Id like to know..

absolutelytrue said...

Hi LilyRuth,

I've been voting for you! :) Thanks for the diggs (I'm gnomey on digg).

This is good information. I almost bought pet pain spray for my dog last night, but decided against it. She's old and having trouble getting around now.

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Colin thanks for stoping by and letting me know whats going on