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December 5, 2007

Best Friends Awards

This is one Award that I cherish very much and it came from the bokjae couple who are very special people. Thanks to you both, for granting me this Award! I love this Award because it symbolizes the 'spirit of blogging' and that is to make friends, plenty of great friends who bother to find the time amidst their busy schedule to visit, leave a comment and tagging! This is my first award of this kind and to me it it is very special because it shows these two lovely people think enough of me to give me this award. They asked me to pass it on to my Best Friends so Im awarding this Best Friends award to them in hopes that as each day passes, there will be more added to my list!
Life is like Hell without FRIENDS. Its ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them. "
Heaven is no fun without FRIENDS.
Now I shall share this award with so many of my new found friends over the past 11 months of blogging, in fact too many to be included here but to name a few of them who drop by regularly!So be sure and take this award with you and place it on your blogs if you wish . Best Friends Awards has been awarded to : Sheff , Nisha, KUMOWAI, Joy ,illnaturedgr, Chris, Markk, Sirwannni Normic , OzzieBlackcats, Ladislav, Sandydg350762 Sanbro, Abhatnaga, Thanate, Zubli Zainordin, COTOJO ,Warmbuddy, Iskandar Jungi, Kumiko, Conicuts, Maureen Pong Momswriting, blessed1, Savvyology Mom Jessies Girl, Thiane Loureiro, Vivienne Quek, Michele, Steve Speirs, Erica Akira, Cin1977 Rogue Professor CoolingStar
Chessnoid, Pruiett eliza_ferre,, Soho cheerleader, Robert Rao, Tsupacat, Gary KIng, Diegojock Zhuhuhu imoimora, rksmythe, Mcewen, Ajbesta, Mad goat lady, Santa Claus ,Sevn, Npsg, KimberlyE, Rafael Vianna, Lady Omega, Waruni, Syahid Ali, Roberttgasperson, Ashley Song, abobaday, lol dogs,, Christina C Sandydg350762, Apples2apple, crazyaussiebastard, Franxbudi ,Blogfan,, Mariuca bajaEnergy blog, Cochise,, Lobo Tutsi ,Sparky, R.T. Cunnigham, MissLgrafixzN ,El Blogo ,EastwoodZhao ,Shangning, Pochologar, Babylonezoo Erica Akira Qhoen, OMYWORD Lovable Critters, PATTY A. CBENC12 PurpleFrogCat


Homemom3 said...

Thank you so much for listing me. (((HUGS))

SoHo Cheerleader said...

Hiya, thank you so much for including me.
Wishing you love, life and laughter!

ILL_Natured_gr said...

Hi Lilyruth,
thank you very much for including me in the awards :)

All the best!

wahmbuddy said...


Thank you for listing me, and for your continued support.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2008


Ashley Song said...

thank you for the award :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Lily, thanks so much for the award! HUGS!!!

Anyway, no wonder this didn't appear on my techno, you got my url wrong dearie! This is the correct one

cotojo said...

Hello my dear friend,
Thank you so very much for honoring me with this awesome award and congratulations to all other recipients :)
Take care Lilyruth and have agreat day,
Hugs to you


cotojo said...

PS: There is also an award for you at

Number 43 lol....this is one I created for everyone :)
Enjoy my friend and feel free to pass it on.


LowKey Graphics said...

Thanks for putting me on your groovy list of friends. I feel so special now...almost makes me misty Love your blog and your links and widgets are cool.Let me know if you ever need some custom made badges or buttons or award thingy' glad to make them for you. I have the badge on my blog now.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lilyruth! That is so nice.

~Sandy G.

wornoutwoman said...

Awww thank you so much. I will post mine soon. Have a great week!

Cochise said...

Hi, Lily!

Are you serious? Have I really won an award? A BEST FRIENDS AWARD? You’re so sweet!!! Oh, my…! I'm really proud of my accomplishment. It means a lot to me.
Am I supposed to make a speech?
“I want to thank Lily for this wonderful award - it's such an honor - my parents, for bringing me into the world, all the people who made this win possible...” (just kidding!)
Sorry for the delay in answering you, dear, I was out for the weekend and just came back last night, so I only took knowledge of the award today.
Now, seriously, thank you again so much for this wonderful honor, and for considering me… your friend!


Omega said...

Thank you for the award, Lilyruth!
Happy holidays!Come get your xmas greeting tag from my blog:)

Susanno said...

Thank You so much Lily for including me in, Sorry I was late to said it.

Vivienne said...

This is the 2nd times I got the Best Friend Award, and it feels good. I got it originally from Bokjae too.

May 2008 brings you lots of happiness and prosperity.