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October 2, 2007

Attention Readers: Paypal Account Opened Again

Attention Readers: It has just come to my attention that since July 29th, 2007 that my account in Paypal was not receving any funds from anyone whether be for payment for sevices rendered or whether it was for Donations, in the Chip In Box to help Save the Dogs or Donations to help me out. Paypal informed me someone in the World Wide Web tried to hack into my account at Paypal. So security at Paypal caught it and froze my account all payments sent in and all payments sent out were stoped temporaily halted until things could be cleared up. Now everything is fine and back to the way things were..Anyone who wished to send in any kind of contributions to Save the Dogs fund raiser or anyone who wishes to buy Lilyruth a beer, or who wishes to support Lilyruths this and that Blog or her DOgcents Blog , now is the time to do so. For three whole months the people who wanted to give donations could not because of Payupal account being closed because of the Hacker , these three long months Save the Dogs fund raiser has gotten behind in help for food, shelter, heartworm treatments, vet services etc. I need your help to catch up and make up for these three missing months, I know several of you have contacted me and told me you wanted to donate some money but couldn't because of the message that kept popping up saying " The Recipient cannot receive any funds at this time,"So now I say to all of you who contacted me and those who wanted to give but could not get into the account to give at Paypal I say Please RESEND your donations now because we need your help desperately,You and only You can make a difference to help these dogs who cannot speak up for themselves and who are always there for us with unconditional love, no matter who we are they love us. They are our friends and some keep us from being lonely when no one else cares so come one guys whatever you can give help us out NOW.. I still invite you all to visit my blogs whether you give or do not give you are all still welcomed here and I just want to add this if you want to give me a CHristmas Presnt for Christmas , you all know what I will be needing, if you don't then go to the Chip In Box I have placed on at read all about it there, If you like me or my blogs just a litle bit then I hope you will donate a few dollars. Thank you.. By Lilyruth

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